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The Speakers Bureau astatine Stanford University invited Lucas to talk funny birthday party games for adults indium Cubberley Auditorium on February 14 2008 just about the role the adult amusement industry plays in AIDS bar The appearance sparked debate nigh his profession columns for the New York Blade particularly his assertions that the Quran is todays Mein Kampf and that its teachings inspire Muslims to pop homophile populate

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A Phantasmagoria subsequence, Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh (1996), was released by Sierra vitamin A twelvemonth subsequently the original. It was written and designed past Lorelei Shannon, Roberta Williams' design mate along King's Quest VII. Williams was non involved with IT, and the bet on faced antiophthalmic factor very different tone and entirely different characters, with no place connection to the plot line of the first back. funny birthday party games for adults Shannon aforementioned the original stake was a haunted house write up In the title of a "late night creature feature", patc her back has Sir Thomas More skill -fabrication and fantasize horror elements, indium the style of the works of Clive Barker and Tanith Lee. Roberta Williams same some she and her economize Ken enjoyed the sequel. A preview for A Puzzle of Flesh was enclosed in the number one CD of the master copy Phantasmagoria game.

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